Be Agile!

Agile is flexible and adaptive with frequent feedback loops, far different from the traditional regimented methodologies.

Agile testing is different, so we made the “Certified Agile Tester” different. It centres on the most important element in agile projects: You.

During the four day training, you acquire all the skills required to test agile successfully. While theory about the Agile Manifesto, frameworks, processes and methods are essential to understand agility, the “Certified Agile Tester” takes you one step further. The key to success in agile projects relies heavily on individuals able to collaborate and self-manage. When strict guidelines and hierarchies are exchanged for a dynamic, communication-rich environment, a common language is vital.

This is why the “Certified Agile Tester” provides you with all skills and competencies required to run agile projects efficiently. Focussing heavily on practical exercises and a hands-on approach the “Certfied Agile Tester” will provide you with the requisite know-how to succeed in any agile project.

To deliver an accurate assessment, the examination consists of three components:

A practical exam to test the use of appropriate planning, techniques and feedback.

Your theoretical knowledge will be proven through an open question exam, including scenario based questions.

Soft skills assessment determines your capacity for teamwork and collaboration (Day 1-4).

CAT Certified Agile Tester has a new home!